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Is It Bad to Brush Your Teeth More Than Twice a Day? 

added on: August 6, 2022

Brushing your teeth regularly is a crucial part of making sure your teeth and overall oral health stay healthy. The American Dental Association and your dentist in Bakersfield recommend that everyone brushes their teeth twice a day, but what if you brush your teeth more often than that? Could it actually be bad to brush your teeth more than twice a day? 

Why is Twice a Day the Recommendation? 

The recommendation to brush your teeth twice a day wasn’t just random. There’s science behind why this is the best way to take care of your teeth. Your dentist in Bakersfield will suggest that you brush your teeth in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Brushing your teeth in the morning helps freshen your breath for the day and removes any bacteria that may have accumulated overnight. Brushing your teeth at night might be even more important as it removes bacteria and plaque that have built up on your teeth throughout the day. Going to bed without brushing allows the bacteria and plaque to linger around on your teeth for hours, which can cause problems. 

Too Much of a Good Thing

If brushing your teeth twice a day is good, then brushing your teeth more often is great, right? Not necessarily. Overbrushing is a real thing that can cause real problems. However, brushing too much isn’t the only way someone can overbrush. They can also brush incorrectly, which is also dangerous. Too much scrubbing, whether that means brushing too often or too hard, can result in some unwanted problems such as: 

  • Abrasion – Dental abrasion occurs when something outside of the body wears away tooth enamel. This can happen when you brush too hard or too often. Teeth may appear worn, shiny, or have yellow or brown spots near the gums. 
  • Sensitivity – Overbrushing can also cause tooth sensitivity. Once the enamel protection is worn away, the inner tooth nerves can become exposed, causing those zings of pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold or touch the area.  
  • Recession – Your gums naturally cover part of your teeth and protect the sensitive inner layers. But if the gums recede due to rough brushing, teeth may appear longer and you may start to see the once-hidden parts of teeth. This can also increase the risk of decay. 

What’s The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth? 

The best way to brush your teeth so that you get them squeaky clean and protect them at the same time is to follow the advice of your dentist in Bakersfield

  • Brush gently – no need to scrub
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush at a 45-degree angle
  • Take two minutes to brush each quadrant for 30 seconds
  • Brush twice a day
  • Don’t forget to floss

Besides taking great care of your teeth at home, it’s also important to see your dentist in Bakersfield twice a day for checkups. If it’s been longer than six months since your last visit, schedule an appointment today.