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Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, dentists used to employ the use of metal fillings to treat areas of decay. The problem is that they are unsightly and, some consider, unhealthy.

At Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, we prefer to use composite (tooth colored) fillings to treat cavities.

Thomas Frank, DDS in Bakersfield, CA
Thomas Frank, DDS in Bakersfield, CA

composite filling has several advantages over the metal or “silver” fillings that had been the industry standard in past years.

Strength – Because a composite filling is bonded directly to a tooth, it is much less likely to crack or fracture the tooth.

Aesthetics – Silver flings create ugly dark spots in a person’s smile. By contrast, composite fillings can be colored to be virtually undetectable from your natural teeth.

Safety – Did you know that metal fillings contain a significant amount of mercury? Mercury exposure can create health risks, especially for medically compromised patients. Composite fillings contain zero mercury; they are made of glass or quartz filler, mixed with a resin medium.

Want to learn more about how composite teeth restorations can significantly improve your smile? Contact Dentistry for Total Body Wellness today to schedule an appointment.

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