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Guided Biofilm Therapy

You are used to having polishing at the end of your hygiene appointment – usually with a rubber cup and a chunky, gritty paste you might expect (and dislike).

Good news! We have invested in Guided Biofilm Therapy – a leading edge technology designed to gently, quickly, and thoroughly remove biofilm from tooth surfaces and under the gumline.

During your hygiene appointment, polishing and stain removal will still take place and with the added therapeutic benefits of complete biofilm removal leading to better clinical outcomes.

Thomas Frank, DDS in Bakersfield, CA

Guided Biofilm Therapy can reduce inflammation by clearing out harmful bacterial biofilm in deeper periodontal pockets. It can also adapt around dental implants making sure all the crevices and curvatures are thoroughly cleaned, thus reducing the risk of implant failure when the biofilm builds up and causes serious peri-implantitis.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is safe, comfortable, and efficient. It is FDA-cleared technology and is superior to traditional polishing if you have dental implants, porcelain crowns, and veneers, or gum disease.

“There was no pain during this procedure and my gums feel so much better and my mouth felt cleaner too.”…….Margaret R.