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Dr. Frank’s State-of-the-Art Dentistry Is More Than Just A Beautiful Smile. It’s About Total Body Wellness.

added on: July 10, 2020

Research science confirms that chronic low-grade infection in the mouth increases systemic inflammation and has an impact on all body systems. In other words, what is happening in your mouth can directly impact what is happening in your body!

An important facet of Dr. Frank’s award winning, Bakersfield dental practice is realizing that the health of the mouth and the body are integrally linked with each other. Dr. Frank and his team are providing a higher quality and standard for health care service to our patients by linking the mouth to the body.

There is no question that Dr. Frank’s patients can and should expect their restorative and cosmetic dentistry to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting. He has developed an award-winning reputation for his creative artistry in achieving the consistently exceptional results his patients love.

But what if Dr. Frank told you that by identifying the bacteria in your mouth and reducing that bacterial load you could reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke?

Or what if you could reduce your chances of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, certain cancers, and even pregnancy complications?

In Dr. Frank’s practice we utilize two tests offered by OralDNA Labs ( The MyPerioPath test finds out which bacteria are triggering a patient’s periodontal disease. The PerioID test can tell if a patient has specific changes in his/her DNA. These changes could mean the patient is at a greater risk of other systemic diseases.

These tests are performed in our office using a saliva sample, whereby the patient simply swishes a saline solution and spits it into a tube. Once we receive the test results, an individualized treatment plan is developed to target the specific bacterial profile.

Dr. Frank believes that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile. For this reason, we are currently using the My PerioPath test as standard protocol for all active non-surgical periodontal treatment in our office.

By recognizing the connection between dental health and overall health, we can help our patients improve many things, including: Quality of Your Life, Your Vitality, and Length of Your Life!

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