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Happy Patient: Susan

Susan’s Story

With a long history of teeth grinding, Susan came to us with teeth that were quite worn and had significant breakdowns. Dr. Frank first refined her bite and confirmed that the muscles that open and close the jaw to be physiologically matched. After slightly re-contouring the gum line with laser sculpting, we restored her upper and lower teeth with porcelain restorations that strengthened and beautified her natural teeth. The grinding is gone, her bite has remained stable and Susan has a really great-looking smile that matches her beautiful face.

Thomas Frank, DDS in Bakersfield, CA

Susan's Testimonial

“My front teeth became extremely uneven and worn down, making me very self-conscious of my smile. After Dr. Frank had completed my dental procedure, I was overwhelmingly thrilled with my results and so proud of my new smile! My teeth are very natural looking, and once again, smiling is something I can be very proud of.”