Dr. Frank’s State-of-the-Art Dentistry Is More Than Just A Beautiful Smile. It’s About Total Body Wellness.

Research science confirms that chronic low-grade infection in the mouth increases systemic inflammation and has an impact on all body systems. In other words, what is happening in your mouth can directly impact what is happening in your body! An important facet of Dr. Frank’s award winning, Bakersfield dental practice is realizing that the health of the mouth and the body are integrally linked with each other. Dr. Frank and his team are providing a higher quality and standard for health care service to our patients by linking the mouth to the body. There is no question that Dr. Frank’s patients can and should expect their restorative and cosmetic dentistry to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting. He has

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A Bakersfield Dentist Is Looking Diabetes In The Mouth

October is Diabetes Awareness Month. For those suffering with diabetes, every month is diabetes awareness month. The disease requires constant attention and alters the way sufferers think about what they eat, where they go, and generally, how they function. Yet not until recently have diabetics considered the impact of gum health on their glucose levels. Let’s take a look at a specific case study done right here in Bakersfield at Dr. Franks dental office. The study can show us how addressing gum disease directly improves the life of a diabetic patient. We will call this patient Mike. Mike presented in our Bakersfield dental office with an abscessed tooth and periodontal disease. Dr. Frank discussed treatment options along with the potential

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The Growing Link Between Periodontal Disease and Bad Breath

Bakersfield, CA– With links between gum health and overall well-being growing all the time, words like periodontal disease and gingivitis are often used. Are they interchangeable? And what’s their relationship to the bad breath that plagues so many people? Bakersfield cosmetic dentist Dr. Thomas Frank helps clarify. “To many people, these terms may sound the same –and they’re certainly related—but there are some differences.” Gingivitis Gingivitis is the first, most easily treatable stage of gum disease. It can be stopped and reversed by gum therapy and diligent oral care, including brushing teeth twice a day and flossing. This early stage is before bone loss occurs and can help prevent substantial damage later on. Gum Disease: AKA Periodontal Disease Since nearly 85%

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