Salivary Diagnostics

Teaming up with OralDNA Labs, we now have the technology to identify the specific bacteria, yeast, or viruses that cause your body to respond and create bleeding and inflammation. A simple 30 second rinse and spit test, or a short sampling, of the bacteria living around the gums can help us provide targeted therapy designed specifically to control the type of bacteria you have.


MyPerioPath by OralDNA Labs is a laboratory test that identifies and measures the exact harmful bacteria that are triggering a patient’s periodontal disease. These bacteria could be different in different patients. We use this information for early detection of problems, to personalize treatment, and to determine the appropriate follow-up


All living organisms have DNA (humans and microorganisms). The MyPerioID test can tell if a patient has specific changes in his/her DNA. These changes might mean the patient is at greater risk of more serious disease. The information provided by both of these tests will help Dr. Frank come up with a treatment plan that’s right for each patient.