Bakersfield State-of-Art Dental Care

Dental Hygienists to the Rescue

We have transformed traditional dental hygiene services into value-added experiences of personalized periodontal care. If you have any sign of gum disease, a plan to stabilize it will be our first priority.

At Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, our dental hygienists are highly qualified and skilled in the treatment of gum disease utilizing the latest research modalities. In addition, each also possesses extensive post-graduate training and expertise in the care of aesthetic dental work, dental implants, and preventative home care education and products.

Digital Microscopy

Seeing is Believing! Our hygienists are trained to identify the microbiology and the systemic significance of oral pathogens utilizing a digital phase contrast microscope. This accurate detection of dangerous pathogens challenging your immune system lets you receive treatment that is evidence based.

We engage our patients throughout their therapy program via microscopic evaluation. We monitor each patient’s periodontal stability at each periodontal maintenance visit, as well.

Laser Bacterial Reduction

Lasers are a comfortable, painless, and easy-to-control method of attacking periodontal inflammation at the microscopic level of infection. The power of its focused light energy destroys otherwise inaccessible bacterial colonies while simultaneously promoting an environment for healing. We recommend using the laser at every dental hygiene appointment where there is evidence of infection.

NOTE: Only a small percentage of dentists have made the investment in providing this important therapy for their patients. The benefits of laser bacterial reduction in reducing and eliminating harmful bacteria demonstrate our commitment for continued education in improving our patients’ oral and overall health.

Salivary Diagnostics

Teaming up with OralDNA Labs, we now have the technology to identify the specific bacteria, yeast, or viruses that cause your body to respond and create bleeding and inflammation. A simple 30 second rinse and spit test, or a short sampling, of the bacteria living around the gums can help us provide targeted therapy designed specifically to control the type of bacteria you have.


MyPerioPath by OralDNA Labs is a laboratory test that identifies and measures the exact harmful bacteria that are triggering a patient’s periodontal disease. These bacteria could be different in different patients. We use this information for early detection of problems, to personalize treatment, and to determine the appropriate follow-up


All living organisms have DNA (humans and microorganisms). The MyPerioID test can tell if a patient has specific changes in his/her DNA. These changes might mean the patient is at greater risk of more serious disease. The information provided by both of these tests will help Dr. Frank come up with a treatment plan that’s right for each patient.

Air-Flow Therapy (Polishing)

You are used to having polishing at the end of your hygiene appointment – usually with a rubber cup and a chunky, gritty paste you might expect (and dislike).

Good news! We have invested in AIR-FLOW Therapy – a leading edge technology designed to gently, quickly, and thoroughly remove biofilm from tooth surfaces and under the gumline.

During your hygiene appointment, polishing and stain removal will still take place and with the added therapeutic benefits of complete biofilm removal leading to better clinical outcomes.

AIR-FLOW Therapy can reduce inflammation by clearing out harmful bacterial biofilm in deeper periodontal pockets. It can also adapt around dental implants making sure all the crevices and curvatures are thoroughly cleaned, thus reducing the risk of implant failure when the biofilm builds up and causes serious peri-implantitis.

AIR-FLOW therapy is safe, comfortable, and efficient. It is FDA-cleared technology and is superior to traditional polishing if you have dental implants, porcelain crowns and veneers, or gum disease.

“There was no pain during this procedure and my gums feel so much better and my mouth felt cleaner too.”…….Margaret R.

The Perio Protect Method

Pathogenic oral bacteria have been found in the heart, lungs, brain, and arteries. If the mouth is a portal for the bacteria into the body, the best way to stop disease is where it starts!

Using a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel in a custom tray, The Perio Protect method offers a comfortable and effective non-invasive option to help heal and protect gum tissue.

You use the tray with prescribed medication at home for just minutes a day. Dr. Frank and our team of hygienists will provide individualized treatment instructions for your condition.

Our patients describe the custom fabricated Perio Trays as comfortable and convenient. Those using the hydrogen peroxide gel also report fresher breath and whiter teeth. Two Thumbs Up!