Bakersfield Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry for Total Body Wellness is pleased to offer an extensive range of safe, proven, and completely natural-looking cosmetic dentistry solutions to improve your smile, your health and your confidence.

When properly done, advanced cosmetic dentistry should be invisible. In other words, other people will just know that your smile flows easier and that you have a new, natural glow about you. Your friends and associates may even comment that you look younger, better, brighter, and happier.

There are many reasons to smile in life. We want your visit to our practice to be another.

It’s gratifying knowing that we get to come to work each day transforming people’s lives through their smiles. Imagine, in just a short amount of time, you could also find yourself enjoying a healthy, more attractive smile.

A nice smile boosts your appearance and self-esteem. It opens doors and allows you to breeze through social situations.

But what is a nice smile, exactly? An aesthetically-pleasing smile is white as ivory and perfectly aligned. Each tooth has just the right length and shape, and when you smile you show just a tiny bit of your gums.

If you look in the mirror and you don’t quite like your smile, take the smile test and find out how you score. Then contact Dr. Frank to explore the possibilities of what a new, beautiful smile could do for you.

Ultimate Smile Test

To take the ultimate smile test, stand in the mirror and smile big, then use the smile card grading system below to discover the grade of your smile.

Want to get Straight A’s for your smile? To discuss your options and to find out how to get the smile of your dreams, contact Dr. Frank’s office to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

At Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, Dr. Thomas Frank is proud to offer comprehensive cosmetic dental services with an uncompromising commitment to Aesthetic Dentistry.

Aesthetics is the most complex and multi-faceted aspect of Cosmetic Dentistry. It focuses on the enhancement, restoration, and maintenance of optimal dental health specifically designed for unique desires. It takes a unique blend of post-graduate training, experience, and compassion to provide patients with the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve.

There is no question that today’s discriminating adult wants their dentistry to be the most functional, long lasting, and with the most aesthetically pleasing result possible.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies with skilled excellence, Dr. Frank is at the forefront of advanced aesthetics by treating great cosmetic dentistry as an art form. He will take into account your facial proportions, gender, age, complexion, hair and even eye color to deliver the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

It is important for each of us to feel good about the way we look and have our smiles reflect our true and unique personalities.

Contact our office today to learn more about improving your most important accessory…… Your Beautiful Smile!

Dental Solutions

View from the dental solutions beside some of the many aesthetic dental procedures we provide.

Procelain Veneers

When you don’t like the look of your smile, porcelain veneers are among the most popular and successful options with our patients. Veneers can dramatically change and improve the look of your smile. The process involves placing an ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminate “shell” over the front side of a tooth to enhance or correct its appearance.

Veneers produce excellent results. The best part is that, when placed with a skilled hand, dental veneers are truly undetectable. Dr. Frank has perfected the art of placing veneers through extensive experience and training, and he only works with skilled and artistic laboratory experts to ensure the best results.

Smile Rejuvenation

Do you fear visiting a cosmetic dentist because you don’t want to end up with a “chiclet” smile?

Smile Rejuvenation, through advanced aesthetics, is a specialty service offered by Dentistry for Total Body Wellness with life-altering results.

Transform your Smile

Transforming your smile is a highly technical, multi-faceted, and tailor-made plan intended to optimize the health of your entire mouth, including the teeth, gums, and your bite. Often, patients who need full mouth rejuvenation have every tooth in their mouth replaced, restored, or replenished.

Our goal is to not only transform and restore your smile but to improve your overall health, wellness, and your confidence. Understanding the nuances that can enhance your face and smile, Dr. Frank can bring to life the exceptional and long-lasting results you deserve.

Visit our HAPPY PATIENTS (Glenda, Mark, Phil, Rhonda, Stephanie, Susan, Tuesday ) to read their stories. Then contact us today to start your journey to give your smile a boost in both aesthetics and function.

Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth or teeth that have been damaged beyond repair?

Missing teeth can dramatically affect your appearance and self-esteem. In addition, missing teeth are detrimental to your oral health by causing other teeth to shift, leading to occlusion (bite) and/or TMJ problems, and may even spur periodontal problems.

Maybe you’ve already had dentures, but you are dissatisfied with the fit and function.

A dental implant can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Implants can even be used in conjunction with dental bridges or dentures. With implant dentures, the dentures are specifically made to snap onto the implants for a secure fit.

A dental implant replaces the root portion of a missing tooth, safe-guarding against degenerative jawbone recession. For strength and natural appearance, a lifelike porcelain crown is secured to the implanted post, leaving you with a fully functional and natural smile.

Dental implants are the most effective tooth replacement option available today and have a near 100% success rate.

Take the next step toward restoring your smile. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Gum Recontouring

Dr. Frank always considers the appearance or your gums, or gingival contour, when determining the overall aesthetics of your smile. The ideal shape, size, and amount of gum tissue all contribute to a properly framed, beautiful smile.

Gummy Smile

A “gummy” smile is when too much gum tissue shows when you spread your lips wide. When this occurs, your gums can seem to dominate your mouth, making your teeth look almost secondary in appearance.

Uneven Gums

Uneven gums can also play tricks on your smile, making teeth look slanted, or unusually short and fat.

Dramatic Smile Results

Using diode laser technology, Dr. Frank can contour the look and shape of your gum tissue in an easy and near-painless procedure, leaving healthy, normal looking gums in place almost immediately.

The diode laser is unmatched for its accuracy and effectiveness. With skilled precision, Dr. Frank can give you the incredibly dramatic results you desire.

Do you have a gummy smile or uneven gums? The diode laser is unmatched for its accuracy and effectiveness.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to achieve the incredible results you desire


In the past, dentists used to employ the use of metal fillings to treat areas of decay. The problem is that they are unsightly and, some consider, unhealthy.

At Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, we prefer to use composite (tooth colored) fillings to treat cavities.

A composite filling has several advantages over the metal or “silver” fillings that had been the industry standard in past years.

Strength – Because a composite filling is bonded directly to a tooth, it is much less likely to crack or fracture the tooth.

Aesthetics – Silver flings create ugly dark spots in a person’s smile. By contrast, composite fillings can be colored to be virtually undetectable from your natural teeth.

Safety – Did you know that metal fillings contain a significant amount of mercury? Mercury exposure can create health risks, especially for medically compromised patients. Composite fillings contain zero mercury; they are made of glass or quartz filler, mixed with a resin medium.

Want to learn more about how composite teeth restorations can significantly improve your smile? Contact Dentistry for Total Body Wellness today to schedule an appointment.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a bright, white smile. A radiant smile can help you be more confident in all aspects of your life.

No matter what caused your teeth discoloration, whether it was aging, smoking, food and drink, or medication, we have an ideal tooth whitening solution.

Dramatically improve your appearance

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and efficient way to improve your overall appearance. Even a stubborn single tooth that is noticeably duller than your other teeth can be individually brightened.

At Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, we can hep you choose the most convenient method of whitening. We offer both the in-office, one-hour ZOOM whitening system as well as take-home systems with your own soft, custom-fabricated trays.

These processes can amazingly make your discolored natural tooth color noticeably whiter and brighter in a short amount of time.

Ever heard the expression a smile so bright, it lit up the room? That smile can be yours. Contact Dr. Frank’s office for a teeth whitening appointment today.

All Porcelain Crowns

Have you ever seen someone smile with obviously “capped” looking teeth with dark lines near the gums? Maybe you have “old school” porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and you notice the same thing in your smile.

If you don’t like the way your smile looks with older crowns, or you are a new dental crown patient, we are ready to offer you an updated and improved smile.

Transform your smile with all-ceramic crowns

Unlike older crowns, all-ceramic porcelain crowns contain no metal. They are made to mimic the contour and color of your natural teeth. When placed correctly, no one will know that they’re not your real teeth. Th restorations are strong and reliable and will allow you to chew, speak, and smile, with true confidence.

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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most versatile dental treatments that uses composite resin material to correct many dental issues. How can dental bonding help Me?

  • Repairing a chipped tooth
  • Restoring discolored teeth that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments
  • Repairing a tooth damaged by decay
  • Closing a space or gap between teeth
  • Making a tooth appear longer
  • Altering the shape of a tooth

Benefits of dental bonding

  • Dental bonding is relatively inexpensive, compared to other cosmetic dental procedures
  • The procedure can be completed in a single visit.
  • The composite resin material contains no metal components, and is, therefore, biocompatible with your body.