Non-Metal Fillings

In the past, dentists used to employ the use of metal fillings to treat cavities. The problem with metal fillings is that they are unsightly and, some consider, unhealthy.

Tooth colored fillings are comprised of a composite material that is, most importantly, metal-free. The tooth coloring blends in with your natural teeth, allowing you to open wide without an ounce of embarrassment. Composite fillings are also ultra-strong and can be used for significant cosmetic improvement.

No More Metal!

Using modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins, and lasers, no one should have to go through life with unsightly teeth. Using his years of experience and training, Dr. Frank will use these state-of-the-art bio-compatible composite restorations to restore and protect your teeth against further fracture.

The best part? The composite material is virtually undetectable from your natural teeth.

Want to learn more about non-metal fillings and how composite teeth restorations can significantly improve your smile? Contact Dr. Frank’s office to schedule an appointment.



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