Laser Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease can become very serious for many patients. It causes bad breath, receding gums and bone, and eventual tooth loss. Most importantly, it puts your heart health at risk and is linked to diabetes and pre-term, low birth weight babies in pregnant women.

Traditional disease treatment is considerably invasive and often a painful experience for many patients. Today, research advancements now enable patients to benefit from non or minimally invasive treatment choices. The Nd:YAG (Diode) laser successfully competes as a proven method of treatment for moderate to severe cases of periodontitis.

With advanced certified laser training, our periodontal therapists are able to precisely remove compromised and diseased gum tissue with predictably positive results. Just as remarkable are the patient benefits of no surgical cutting, no sutures, very minimal swelling and discomfort, and healing and recovery are very fast.

Our patients now have treatment choices for arresting and eliminating active gum disease with laser therapy that are not commonly available in most other dental practices.

To learn more about effective treatment options for all forms of gum diseases, use our online Ask Dr. Frank for a prompt response.