Laser Technologies

Aside from setting us apartment from other dental practices, our state-of-the-art laser instruments support our “patient first” philosophy and demonstrate our high standards in patient care and comfort.

For the past several years, we’ve been using a variety of different lasers to the astonishment of our patients. With our lasers, we can treat you with little to no pain, no infection, no bleeding, more accurate results, and quicker recovery time. We offer both hard and soft tissue lasers, and our incredible caries detection laser, which means that a trip to our office has never been so painless or easy.

Painless and Easy Dental Treatment

When we say no pain, we mean it. When you are treated with our Waterlase MD, with its combination of water and laser technology, there is no drill and most often no need for anesthesia at all.

Our “pin-point” accurate lasers seal the tissues in your mouth as they work, so you never feel a thing. Even better, the lasers keep destructive bacteria at bay, so you’ll have little to no recovery time.

No More Drilling

By minimizing the need for anesthesia and the dysfunctional feeling of numbness, you can get treatment completed in fewer visits. You also experience less interruption to your natural ability to speak or chew. And because lasers don’t make whining sounds or other annoying noises, you should be able to feel more relaxed while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Diode Laser

We also have a Diode laser that is used to treat deadly periodontitis and gingivitis with faster results and more complete recovery than ever before possible. Studies show that gum disease is a major factor in overall health, most significantly with regards to our health. We take eliminating gum disease seriously, and you should too. With our lasers, you now have a pain-free way to do just that.

Cosmetic Capabilities

While laser dentistry can be used to keep your gums and teeth healthy, they can also help with gummy smiles and smiles with uneven gums. With lasers, a beautiful smile has never been so comfortable to achieve.

Contact Dr. Frank’s office today to schedule an appointment and ask about laser dentistry for a more comfortable experience.