Dental Solutions

It’s gratifying knowing that we get to come to work each day transforming people’s lives through their smiles. Imagine, in just a short amount of time, you could also find yourself enjoying a healthy, more attractive smile.

A nice smile boosts your appearance and self-esteem. It opens doors and allows you to breeze through social situations.

But what is a nice smile, exactly? An aesthetically-pleasing smile is white as ivory and perfectly aligned. Each tooth has just the right length and shape, and when you smile you show just a tiny bit of your gums.

If you look in the mirror and you don’t quite like your smile, take the smile test and find out how you score. Then contact Dr. Frank to explore the possibilities of what a new, beautiful smile could do for you.

Ultimate Smile Test

To take the ultimate smile test, stand in the mirror and smile big, then use the smile card grading system below to discover the grade of your smile.

The whiteness of your teeth

The alignment of your teeth

The length of your teeth

The shape of each tooth

The appearance of your gums

The appearance of existing dental work

Want to get Straight A’s for your smile? To discuss your options and to find out how to get the smile of your dreams, contact Dr. Frank’s office to schedule a complimentary consultation.