Creative Smile Design

Do you fear visiting a cosmetic dentist because you don’t want to end up with a “chiclet” smile?

When properly done, cosmetic dentistry “Smile Design” should be invisible. In other words, other people won’t know that you had any dental work done. They’ll just know that your smile flows easier and that you have a new, natural glow about you. Your friends and associates may even comment that you look younger, better, brighter, and happier.

Advanced Smile Aesthetics

Smile Design, through advanced aesthetics, is a specialty service offered in Dr. Frank’s office with life-altering results. Using years of experience and training, Dr. Frank can perform this highly-technical process to give your smile both aesthetics and function, resulting in long-lasting, natural beauty.

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Dr. Frank Can Transform Your Smile

Whether you are interested in a subtle change to your smile or you wish to go for a more dramatic transformation, Dr. Frank has you covered.

Dr. Frank understands the nuances that can enhance your face and smile. He devotes extensive time and uncompromising attention to detail to precisely fashion your unique smile design.

Taking into account the proportions of your face, gender, skin complexion, hair color, and eye color, Dr. Frank can bring to life the exceptional and long-lasting results you deserve.

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