The Importance of Early Detection When Diagnosing Oral Cancer

Posted: March 12, 2017   Article

Bakersfield, CA – Did you know that every hour an American dies from oral cancer? This high mortality rate is primarily due to a late diagnosis. Once oral cancer has reached Stage III or Stage IV, the probability of successful treatment drops significantly. On top of that, 40% patients with oral cancer did not have any of the traditional risk factors.

general dentistry BakersfieldThe number of patients being diagnosed with oral cancer is continually on the rise. It was once believed that oral cancer was caused by drinking, smoking, and using chewing tobacco and therefore typically only seen in people 40 and older. However, cases of oral cancer have increased in the younger population due to exposure to HPV (human papilloma virus). Because of this increased risk, Dr. Frank encourages all of his Bakersfield dental patients over the age of 17 to have an annual oral cancer screening.

Early Detection and Diagnosis Could Save Your Life

Sadly, oral cancer is often not detected until the late stages of development. Because of this, the death rate has been consistently high. Late stage treatment is often drastic and can disfigure patients, radically affecting their quality of life. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, nearly 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year alone.

Currently, the best way to control oral cancer is a combination of early diagnosis and quick and appropriate treatment. The good news is that annual screening for oral cancer is painless and fast and capable of detecting changes in your mouth that would normally go undetected, possibly saving your life.

OralID™ Screening

To help fight oral cancer, our state of the art dentist office in Bakersfield uses OralID™, an oral cancer screening device that uses a proven, optically based technology called, “fluorescence technology.” No more rinses or dyes. This quick, two-minute exam uses a blue light which illuminates likely areas of change that could signify the early beginnings of cancer. It’s completely painless and poses no risk to your health. This device, along with a regular visual examination, allows Dr. Frank to identify oral cancer, pre-cancer, and other abnormal lesions at earlier stages, thereby saving lives.

Oral Cancer

The mortality rate for oral cancer is higher than the rates for skin cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, laryngeal cancer, thyroid cancer, testicular cancer and cervical cancer. The good news is that oral cancer, if caught early, is one of the most curable diseases. This means early detection and diagnosis is vital. In fact, oral cancer is 90% curable if detected in in early states. Unfortunately, this type of cancer is also often non-symptomatic, which is why yearly screening can make an incredible difference to your life expectancy.

As an AAOSH dentist, Dr. Frank believes that good dentistry is one of the keys to total body health. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and ask about oral cancer screening with OralID™.

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