How to Change Your Life with Unique and Creative Smile Design

Posted: December 8, 2016   Article

Bakersfield, CABakersfield Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Thomas Frank’s tagline is “You can change your life with a smile.” While the smile design expert certainly means it, he emphasizes that not just any smile will do.

Having beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry in Bakersfield CADr. Frank says that when new patients inquire about receiving a new beautiful smile, they usually have a friend who underwent smile design and ended up with “Chiclet” teeth. This tends to make patients apprehensive about creative smile design until Dr. Frank sets them straight.

Dr. Frank says that true smile design must be properly done to attain the best results.

“When cosmetic dentistry is done properly, the results are invisible. That is, the restorations are truly undetectable. Your friends and co-workers will only notice that you look brighter, younger and happier,” Dr. Frank said.

Smile design is a process performed through advanced aesthetics, and the results can be life-changing. The process is highly technical and requires great skill and years of experience to achieve both aesthetics and function, which offer dental patients long-lasting beauty.

Unique and Creative Smile Designs

According to Dr. Frank, he understands the nuances that enhance a person’s face and smile. This skill allows you to deliver unique smile designs to each patient. During the procedure, Dr. Frank takes into account the patient’s facial proportions, gender, complexion, as well as their hair and eye color to bring to life the exceptional results patients desire.

“A person’s smile is the most important part of their face, and their most memorable calling card,” Dr. Frank said. “With creative smile design, people will notice your new smile when forming their first impression of you. They’ll be more inspired to like and trust you. Change your life with a smile, and you can positively impact every aspect of your personal and professional life.”

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