Bakersfield Dentist Dr. Frank and Donna Frank Attended 2016 Annual AAOSH Meeting on Inflammation

Posted: October 25, 2016   News

Bakersfield, CADr. Thomas Frank DDS is the only Bakersfield dentist who is a member of The Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), a scientific organization comprised of healthcare professionals across medicine and dentistry.

Dr. Frank DDSAAOSH dentists show a general interest in patients’ health and well-being, and pay special attention to ways in which the health of the mouth contributes to overall general health.

Members of the organization strive to remain up-to-date with emerging science, technologies, and health practices to help patients reduce risks and remain healthy for life.

This September, Dr. Frank and Donna Frank attended the 2016 annual AAOSH meeting where inflammation and its effect on total body health was a major topic.

A Meeting Focused on Overall Health and Wellness

The AAOSH 2016 Scientific Session was held on September 16-17 at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The focus of the gathering was “Reversing the Health Care Crisis…One Patient At a Time” and discussed clinical guidelines for promoting total body wellness by reducing systemic inflammation.

Several keynote speakers were in attendance, including Sam Low, DDS, MS who gave a speech on Periodontitis, David Seaman, DC, MS who spoke of the dangers of Pro-Inflammatory Diets and Jim Metz, DDS who focused on the risks of Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnea.

Each speech was structured into various categories that included oral pathogens, pro-inflammatory diet, sleep disordered breathing, toxins, and global medical considerations.

A Focus on Inflammation

The AAOSHA organization is of the firm belief that there is a relationship between a person’s oral health and his or her whole body health. The members share a vision to improve collaboration and cooperation between healthcare professionals. By doing so, the group hopes to change public health awareness and improve the health of people everywhere.

Each annual meeting focuses on various ways healthcare professionals can provide superior services to their patients.

This September’s meeting was no different. One of the methods discussed, according to Dr. Frank, was dental flossing to eliminate inflammation in the body.

Dr. Frank cited a recent article where the AAOSH responded to a report by the Associated Press that disparaged the necessity of dental flossing.

In that report, the Associated Press suggested that there was no scientific evidence linking flossing to improved oral health.

The AAOSH response called the report unfortunate, as it may lead people to believe that flossing is not important, while the organization believes otherwise.

Flossing to Prevent Inflammation

“As an AAOSH member,” says Dr. Frank, “I’m trained to look at the evidence and research, and it all points to severe health risks if a person fails to care for their teeth, gums, and overall smile. And flossing is an extremely important aspect of proper oral care.”

Flossing once or twice a day has been shown to remove harmful bacteria from the teeth, otherwise known as biofilm. Once the harmful bacteria is removed, the body will compensate by allowing healthy biofilm to develop, leading to a much healthier mouth.

The response from AAOSH stated that there might be an increased health risk associated with systemic inflammation. This inflammation can result when dangerous bacteria is not eliminated, such as through methods like flossing. Systemic inflammation is suspected to lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other serious health issues.

In keeping with the meeting’s focus, Dr. Frank urges his patients to floss often, as doing so can prevent gum disease and other health effects that can’t be eased with mere brushing alone. However, he stresses that regular dental visits are also important.

He says, “Periodontal disease can be prevented with brushing, irrigating, tongue scraping and flossing, but flossing should definitely be included.”

Dr. Frank says that flossing was but one topic discussed at the AAOSH meeting, but he stresses an important point. A little thing like flossing could go a long way towards providing someone with total body health.

Like all AAOSH members, Dr. Frank pays special attention to emerging science, newer technologies and the latest dental practices. His goal is to reduce risk factors and assure better health for his patients.

According to the Bakersfield Cosmetic Dentist, the scientific session provided access to valuable educational opportunities that will help him practice with the best clinical judgement and skills.

Dr. Frank and Donna Frank are looking forward to attending the next annual gathering, which will be held September 15-27, 2017 in Salt Lake City.

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About Dr. Frank DDS: Dr. Thomas Frank is a Bakersfield Cosmetic, Implant, and Laser Dentist, and a member of AAOSH. He combines state-of-the-art technical expertise with a passion for aesthetics to give his patients the smile makeovers they desire. To learn more about Dr. Frank, visit

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